Wage garnishment can take 25% while bankruptcy can wipe it out or reduce payment

If you have recently been sued or have a judgment against you its only a matter of time before a sheriff will be contacting your employer and levying your wages through a garnishment. In California a creditor can take 25% of your net wages. If you make under the median income I can wipe away your debt through a chapter 7 bankruptcy and if you are a high wage earner or have too many assets to file a chapter 7 and be able to keep everything then we can lower your payment to your disposable monthly income which is almost always considerably lower than 25% of your wages. I would say 5-10 % is much more common when you are doing a chapter 13 bankruptcy and I have got plans confirmed with 1-2 % of income going into the plan. Call me to get a free case evaluation.

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