Answering a lawsuit to buy time to settle

I recently had to answer a law suit filed by Chase on behalf of my client that we are doing debt negotiations on. The answering of the suit will likely buy us 3-4 months to make any payment and hopefully come up with a better offer then what they had initially proposed. I’m wondering if the reason they sued my client so quickly is because they pulled her husbands credit report and saw that he had settled all of his accounts within the last 18 months. I settled 200,000 dollars worth of debt to about 55,000 with him and had just started to work on his wifes account. Chase sued her within 2 months of me starting on her case. Unfortunately this was the biggest account at around 20k of the 50k she had in debt. What we’ve now done is worked out 30% settlements on 2 other cards which saved her 14,000 dollars and we will pay off one other card next month when she has money. This will now leave only Chase to deal with and hopefully after my affirmative defenses and denial that I wrote to their complaint, they will come down to something more reasonable than the 65% over 3 months they tried to get which was not doable. We’ll see if fighting the case against them and making them spend resources and time instead of the typical default judgment that they get will ruffle their feather enough to come down to 40%. It will at least buy us some time so she can come up with larger payments. Sometimes you have to fight these things and that is why having an attorney by your side instead of a debt settlement company is the way to go. The crazy thing is I charge less than most of the debt settlement companies out there. Talk to a riverside county bankruptcy/debt settlement attorney if you have been sued or need financial representation in dealing with your creditors

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