Letters from Zwicker and Associates for collections?

Zwicker and Associates is a major law firm that collects on credit card debts but I have rarely(if ever) spoke with an attorney there and they must have 500 collectors(non-attorneys). If debt settlement is an option that you are considering and you do no want to file bankruptcy to eliminate the debt, then you should be happy that Zwicker is collecting as they are pretty good about giving reasonable settlements. I frequently get settlements between 30% and 40% and have not seen them actually sue someone in a long time. Have someone negotiate for you who knows how to deal with Zwicker. There are certain times of the month when they are more willing to drop down the % that they get and when there is a bankruptcy attorney on the other end of the phone, they know the alternative to not settling. Zwicker has offices in California but they are a bigger play on the east coast and I have not seen a lot of cases filed by them so there is likely time to work out a settlement if that is an option and you can afford to pay a lump sum within a few months. If not then talking to a bankruptcy attorney is probably your best bet.

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