Would you like to experience peace of mind?

1.4 Million People have found their fresh start in 2009 by filing for Bankruptcy. Would you like to experience this peace of mind?

It’s true. Over the last year 1.4 million Americans have sought shelter in the bankruptcy code to renew their fresh start and experience life free from debt collectors, overdue bills, revolving balance transfers, and the stress that comes from living in this cycle of debt.
They’ve made the right decisions for themselves and their families. If you are already behind on bills and have dings against your credit, your credit score has been affected negatively and you are unlikely to get new loans and lines of credit in this economy. You are not alone. More than 10% of credit card holders are far behind on their monthly bills.

You know better than anyone that with 29% default rates you are going to be a slave to the credit card companies for a long time. You need relief and the bankruptcy code is most likely the best place to look for it.

Whether due to medical bills, divorce, wages that don’t keep up with the cost of living, many individuals and families in California have had to turn to the bankruptcy courts for relief. California Central District which comprises of Riverside, Orange County, and Los Angeles have had the highest number of bankruptcy filing in the United States. In fact it is double of the second highest which is Florida. These so called Sunshine States; Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada saw a huge bubble in housing and many families have fallen victim to the banks loose standards for lending, the real estate professionals who made heavy fees for incorrect appraisals and many other factors that you did not control.

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