Cram down your car in a chapter 13

Cramming down a car in a chapter 13 is a great way to save money and also reduce your disposable monthly income so that you have a cheaper plan payment. If your car is more than 910 days from when you financed it, then you can pay what the car is currently worth on kelly’s blue book or your opinion based on damage etc. Chapter 13 will allow you to pay it off over 5 years instead of the time that you have left which can really lower your payments. It will also help you with reducing disposable monthly income because if you have a financed car then you get a deduction of 496 dollars minus what your car payment is divided over 60 months or 36 months if you are below the median income for your family size. If you own your car outright the ownership expense is much less so it actually helps to keep a financed car through a chapter 13. Chapter 7 allows you to keep your car and continue to make finance payments but you can’t bring it down to current market value.

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