Bankruptcy and Student Loans

The first question that I want to answer is that filing for bankruptcy will not stop you from being able to get federal student loans in the future. If somehow(although unlikely) your federal student loans got discharged in a previous bankruptcy then you might have to reaffirm those loans in order to get new loans. What is more important is how you have handled credit after your bankruptcy. As long as your student loans that you currently have(if any) are not in default, then getting federal loans should not be an issue at all. Private loans are different. Its hard to say how easy it will be to get private loans after a bankruptcy because there are many different types of bankruptcy which makes it a complex issue. If you have filed bankruptcy and need private loans for school you might need to find a cosigner. If you filed a chapter 13 and fulfilled your payment plan even if not 100% then you will most likely be a better candidate and qualify for private student loans. A chapter 7 where you liquidated and didn’t pay any unsecured creditors will obviously make it harder to get a private student loan without a cosigner.

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